The Sidel Gebo AQFlex machine covers a wide range of outputs from 27,000 to 45,000 bottles per hour while increasing the uptime of PET packaging line for soft drinks


Orangina Suntory invests in Sidel’s Gebo AQFlex machine. (Credit: Sidel)

French company Orangina Suntory has commissioned Sidel’s Gebo AQFlex conveying and accumulation solution to increase its performance and agility.

Installed at Orangina Suntory’s plant in Meyzieu, the Sidel Gebo AQFlex machine offers enhanced flexibility to address diversified product range of nine bottle formats with different shapes.

Additionally, the solution covers a wide range of outputs from 27,000 to 45,000 bottles per hour while increasing the uptime of the PET packaging line for soft drinks.

Sidel Gebo AQFlex machine provides buffer capacity up to five minutes

It also provides extensive buffer capacity from three to five minutes of net accumulation in order to secure the overall line efficiency.

Sidel project manager Swanny Goussanou said: “The all-in-one, compact design perfectly handled all nine formats fully respecting fragile and lightweight containers due to its smooth, contact-free single-lane product handling.”

Orangina Suntory France operations development department project manager Hubert Couppey said: “Gebo AQFlex is quite easy to use as it offers simple and automatic changeovers with just a few clicks on the Human Machine Interface (HMI) and minor mechanical interventions on the infeed and outfeed conveyors.”

Orangina Suntory, which installed another Gebo AQFlex machine at its site in Donnery, has placed orders for two more units in Nagano, Japan.

In May this year, Sidel has introduced new M version of cobotic palletiser, expanding its CoboAccess_Pal cobotic palletising range.

Designed to better meet the growing cobotic palletising requirements from the customers, the Sidel’s new M version of cobotic palletiser features Yaskawa HC20 to enable a case payload of up to 14kg with a significant reach of 1,700mm.