nVIUS Graphics, a full-service production house located in Alabama, US, has upgraded its flexo platemaking capabilities by installing CRON-ECRM’s HDI 1600 H system.


Image: nVIUS Graphics upgrades flexo platemaking with CRON-ECRM HDI 1600 H. Photo: Courtesy of CRON ECRM.

The company’s first CDI could only produce plates up to 48″x35″. However, as business continued to grow and expand, the need for more automation and a larger plate became obvious.

nVIUS Graphics president Robert Reed said: “We deal with a lot of wide web flexographic printers that print up to a 60-inch wide web. We needed the larger size, and better screening. So with the HDI 1600 H we can image plates up to 9600 dpi. We have seen great improvement in the printing quality for our customers.”

The time it takes to produce a digital flexo plate can also impact an operation’s profitability.

“We’re getting twice the plate size and resolution, in the same amount of time — it’s nearly a 200% increase,” said Reed.

He reports that with the CRON-ECRM HDI 1600 H they can now image a 42×60-inch plate, at twice the resolution, in the same amount of time, more than doubling the shop’s productivity.

“Another factor that impacted our profitability was the very high maintenance contracts that we were tied to with our previous imaging device,” states Reed.  The HDI 1600 H is part of the high-resolution HDI digital imaging family of products from CRON that has a standard 2-year parts warranty.

“These economies allow us to produce higher quality plates, for less cost. The technical support we receive is great and we feel CRON is part of us.”

nVIUS not only upgraded their digital flexo platemaking capability, but also took a look at their digital workflow. Working with CRON, nVIUS opted for the Kodak Prinergy EVO workflow system which integrates with the features of the Prinergy Powerpack workflow, the Pandora step-and-repeat software, and Kodak’s award winning Maxtone, DigiCap and Hyperflex screening.

“We have used CRON’s solution for several months now and have greatly benefited from it,” states Reed.

“Most of our customers have really come to rely on us for more than just making plates because they know we have a printing background. We know the press side, we have that experience using these plates on the pressroom floor. We have a lot of clients that will call us for advice or our opinion on what they’re doing on press, aside from the fact that we make the plates.”

“nVIUS has built an impressive business,” said John Marzec, Business Manager, CRON-ECRM, “and we are pleased to be part of the next evolution of their business.

“Our HDI 1600 H platemaking system will allow them to tackle whatever job comes through their door, no matter how complex, how fast the turn-around times, or how large the press the plates are needed for. We are excited to serve them, and we look forward to being their partner for many years to come.”

Source: Company Press Release