Nutpods to launch the oat creamers in four flavours at the three natural retailers Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Fresh Thyme


Nutpods selected SIG’s combidome carton for its new zero-sugar oat creamers. (Credit: SIG Combibloc Group Ltd)

US-based dairy-free coffee creamer company Nutpods has selected SIG’s combidome carton bottle to launch new zero-sugar oat creamers at retail stores in the US, in near future.

The zero-sugar oat creamers, in Original and French Vanilla flavours, were initially launched by Nutpods online for consumers.

Following the successful online-only launch, Nutpods intends to make the oat creamers, including Original and French Vanilla flavours, at the three natural retailers Sprouts, Whole Foods, and Fresh Thyme.

Nutpods founder and CEO Madeline Haydon said: “We knew that oat as a base ingredient would be a great complement to our nut-based creamers, with its neutral taste and incredible frothability. It has grown even faster than we anticipated.

“While retailers have slowed resets due to Covid-19, they are still excited about the growth and potential of oat creamers.”

Nutpods to use recyclable carton bottles for its new oat creamer line

Nutpods will introduce its core line of refrigerated almond coconut blend creamers, in Original, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Caramel, in SIG’s 16oz combidome carton bottles.

The bottle, which features green logo with brighter colour blocks, is provided with centrally-located domeTwist screw cap.

The single-action cap allows consumers to easily open the carton and pour the beverage.

SIG said that the recyclable combidome carton bottle is designed to provide fully printable display surfaces to allow brands to highlight new design and convey their messages.

Last year, UK-based start-up brand DRINKS³ launched new mineral water in SIG’s new combidome carton bottle, as part of its sustainability efforts.