The blockchain-based network will facilitate the traceability of products across the supply chain


Nueva Pescanova has selected IBM’s blockchain-based network to trace seafood products. (Credit: IBM)

Spanish firm Nueva Pescanova Group has selected a blockchain-based network called IBM Food Trust platform to trace the seafood products.

The IBM Food Trust platform is said to facilitate the traceability of products across the supply chain ranging from the time they are caught until they reach the market.

Based on the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability’s (GDST) 1.0 standards, the solution is in line with the United Nations Global Compact’s crucial actions to help ensure seafood traceability in a sustainable way and achieve a healthy and productive ocean by 2030.

Nueva Pescanova has commenced the project by tracing two crucial operations, including shrimp fishing in Argentina and the cultivation of Vannamei prawns in Ecuador.

These operations will be supported by Pescanova’s processing and marketing activities in Spain.

Nueva Pescanova Group CEO Ignacio González said: “Through this ambitious project we want to offer our consumers all over the world rigorous and detailed information on the traceability of our seafood products, from their origin until they reach their tables.

“Now is the time for businesses across the seafood sector to begin addressing the GDST standards.”

The tech firm said that the blockchain network allows each member to view the shared data about the products, which are in line with their level of permissions.

The technology allows producers, wholesalers and retailers to connect more efficiently, as well as access comprehensive product data in near real-time.

IBM Spain services head Javier Olaizola said: “Our platform brings together members of the entire supply chain, offering a space for the exchange and tracking of information on food products, designed to foster trust among users, since a digitised and transparent chain of transactions is created that cannot be modified.”