The new product can meet customers' anodized quality requirements and provide an infinitely recyclable solution compared to plastic alternatives


Novelis expands evercycle portfolio of 100% recycled aluminium alloys to cosmetic packaging (Credit: PRNewswire/ Novelis Inc.)

US-based sustainable aluminium solutions provider Novelis has expanded its evercycle portfolio to the cosmetic packaging sector.

evercycle Cosmetics can meet customers’ anodised quality demands and is certified to contain 100% recycled aluminium.

The new alloy provides packaging clients in the beauty, skincare, and wellness sectors an infinitely recyclable option, compared to plastic alternatives.

Novelis developed the evercycle Cosmetics alloy in collaboration with Anomatic, an anodized aluminium packaging solutions provider.

evercycle allows Anomatic to provide the cosmetics packaging market with new possibilities using its all-aluminium, customisable stock packaging selection.

Novelis said consumers can these fully recyclable empty containers in their curbside recycling bins, helping to promote a circular economy.

SCS Global Services, a third-party certification provider, has confirmed that the aluminium in evercycle Cosmetics is entirely recycled.

Novelis North America Specialty Products Account Manager Jami Chime said: “With increasing consumer desire for more sustainable products, Novelis is proud to offer our customers a new packaging solution that is not only made from 100% recycled aluminium but one that can also be easily recycled again.

“Given the advantages of recycling aluminium, Novelis aims to enable more sustainable solutions alongside our customers.

“As we take steps to decrease carbon emissions 30% by 2026 and become a carbon neutral company by 2050 or sooner, we remain committed to increasing the amount of recycled content in our products.”

evercycle Cosmetics is the company’s second evercycle product to be made commercially accessible after the launch of an alloy made entirely of recycled aluminium for food containers.

Anomatic, a metal and aluminium product maker, received the patent for Anomatic System in 1967.