“Arguably the biggest innovation in aluminium foil since its introduction in 1947” is Alcoa’s claim for its new Reynolds Wrap Release non stick foil.

Wrap Release is a foil coated with a special proprietary food-safe, non stick surface. Consumers will place food on the side embossed with the words ‘Non stick side’ then “cook, cover, freeze and store without sticking”. The product will compete in the $1.7 billion US food wrap and bags category and will be available in 35ft2 rolls.

“Our research indicates strong purchase intent and broad appeal, from the non stick and easy clean-up benefits of the product,” says Ruth Mack, president, Alcoa Consumer Products. “Both consumers and retailers have provided strong initial interest.”

More information from Kerry.Strayhall, Alcoa – TEL: +1 412 553 4545. EMAIL: Kerry.Strayhall@alcoa.com