The Innoket Roland HS hot-melt labeller has been designed for quick part changeovers. All format parts in the labeller can be replaced without tools with the help of quick changeover devices.

Glue application is controlled by the Innoket gluing drum system, while labelling accuracy, even for contour containers, is achieved by cam-controlled bottle turrets that guide containers to the label station.

The Roland has come up with a solution where different label heights are involved. A sample bottle can be placed on a separately installed bottle turret. The top bearing rim of the labeller is then lowered until a sensor detects the bottle cap where height is adjusted.

Changeover is no longer necessary for labels of variable sizes. The label magazine is height and width adjustable with labels gently fed by a belt drive.

The Roland HS comes in seven sizes. Capacities range from 4000 to 45 000 bottles /hour.

Demands for smaller PET processing are also being met with the inline Innoket Variant RF, running at 12 000 containers /hour.

Setting it apart from traditional labelling machines is the newly developed vacuum cutter drum system where the cutting process takes place directly at the drum. Fewer format parts for quick and easy changeover are again seen as key benefits.