Capsolutions has developed a device to help prevent an estimated 2bn milk bottles from leaving the dairy with leaks each year.

Line Patrolman is a quality control energy meter designed to revolutionise setting and control of the induction seal process on peelable aluminium foil seals used on plastics milk bottles.

The system is passed down the filling line and sees or feels the electromagnetic heating effect from the induction sealer. This is displayed as a digital read-out.

Previously, the process required adjustment of several indirect parameters, such as power setting and conveyor speed, to check against the seal quality achieved. Line Patrolman replaces this fiddly procedure with a single direct reading, claimed to be more accurate.

It can also be used to ensure consistent results across a number of production sites, even where different speeds and equipment is in use.

Capsolutions director Geoff Lang said: “As well as quality control at a local level, the major dairy companies see the opportunity, probably for the first time, of having a common measure of quality across all their sites.”