Stora Enso Netherlands has used the E-Nip, a real-time electronic nip impression sensor system for static roll analysis, to eliminate problems with dry roll edges and the resulting compensation. Willem Kraan explains: “Previously, we would have diagnosed nip uniformity in our rolls using nip films and carbon paper to measure nip width. When we bought new size press rolls and adjusted the crowning, we were able to run straight nips and profiles quickly on full press loads using E-Nip. It let us correct a nip in a single session, speeding up the entire maintenance process and decreasing our downtime.” He concludes: “Our moisture profile problems went from being an on-going problem to being significantly improved in a much shorter time because of E-Nip.”

Madelene Glomsten, product manager for supplier Sensor Products comments: “When considering the time and product waste that could be prevented when using it in regular maintenance protocol, E-Nip is incredibly economical. It’s also significantly more accurate than other traditional roll sensors like carbon paper, which only reveal maximum impacted force.”

Consistent nip width values must be present across the entire roll to ensure a uniform product. The E-Nip sensor “chain” measures nip widths at multiple points along the cross direction of the roll (up to three nips can be analyzed simultaneously) and sends data digitally to its interface software. The user can than analyze the data in a variety of informative graphical formats for easy interpretation.

The E-Nip reveals actual nip width (the interface where two rolls meet) along the face length of a roll (cross direction), quickly exposing inaccurate roll alignment, loading problems, skewing, and crown deficiencies, it is claimed. Any of these problems, if left unchecked, can result in uneven processing, wrinkled or mottled products, and excessive sheet breaks.



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