Nigeria’s food packaging firm Bhojraj Industries purchases Bobst tandem laminator


Bhojraj Industries purchases Bobst NOVA TD 800 laminator. (Credit: BOBST)

Nigerian flexible packaging firm Bhojraj Industries has invested in Bobst NOVA TD 800 laminator to meet the increasing demand for complex laminated structures.

In August this year, Bhojraj Industries installed BOBST NOVA RS 5003 gravure press to boost its production capacity, followed by the Bobst Master RS 6003 gravure press in 2019.

Bhojraj Industries, a part of Bhojraj Chanrai Group, intends to install a new advanced machine for producing laminated substrates while completing the existing two BOBST gravure presses, which are used in producing packaging for the food industry.

The NOVA TD 800 laminator is expected to allow Bhojraj Industries to expand its product range while achieving overall cost optimisation and waste reduction.

NOVA TD 800 laminator comes with operating speed of up to 450 m/min

Capable of operating at a speed of up to 450 m/min, the NOVA TD 800 laminator is designed to offer superior web handling of all material types, including new sustainable and very thin films.

The machine features automatic turret winders designed to allow on-the-fly changeovers without stopping the machine. This results in reduced substrate waste in the process.

Bhojraj Industries operations vice-president Mustafa Khokhawala said: “The NOVA TD 800 impressed me by the quick-change trolley system, and by how easy it is for the operator to use, along with the high level of automation.”

Additionally, the machine features a special tandem configuration that allows the two laminators to operate either to produce duplex structures or inline as one machine to produce more complicated triplex structures.

Bhojraj Industries managing director Nikos Gkanetos said: “We chose the NOVA TD 800 because its operational efficiency, and we chose the tandem configuration because it offers us a unique ability for inline production of complex laminates.

“This will give us faster time to market and cost savings without compromising on quality.”