Automated Packaging Systems has launched the AB180 autobagger to replace the Autobag Excel. The new design is billed as more ergonomic, with improved productivity. A key development is said to be its moveable 25cm diameter touch-screen with diagnostics software.

A greater variety of bags will be catered for on the AB180, with the minimum size being reduced from 65mm to 50mm wide. A bagger able to handle bags up to 400mm wide will be available next year.

The AB180 runs at up to 80 bags/min and an improved trim seal facility, that is claimed to be ideal for filling bags destined for the retail market, has doubled speeds from 30 to 60 bags/min in these applications.

A lower cost version is available , capable of handling 45 bags/min.

APS has also introduced the entry level PI 404I in-line thermal imprinter, featuring 50% faster printing and increased job storage that can, in theory, hold data on all customers’ labels.

Improved printing capability means complex barcodes can now be handled, opening opportunities for APS in the mailing market.