Sixties icon Blue Nun is set to make a comeback as a white wine crush aimed at the 18-30 female clubbing market.

Blue Nun Slinky is due to launch in the UK at the end of July as the first wine to enter the ready to drink category, with H. Sichel Söhne marketing director Armin Wagner forecasting sales of between 3-5M bottles in a year’s time.

Pre-launch research indicated only minimal awareness to the Blue Nun brand among the Slinky target market. While the pious lady herself may not be a natural clubber, the appellation is still clearly identified on the pack.

Earlier brand extensions introduced within the past year for established wine drinkers include a conventional Riesling and Merlot.

Armin Wagner anticipates heavy competition from other wine brands but comments: “There are, of course, other companies experimenting in the ready to drink category but we’re the first to take this route.”

The Slinky bottle and label packaging is being sourced locally in Germany, while branding and development were undertaken by UK wine trade design specialists Ransley Int-ernational. Commented Joanna Ransley: “The bottle’s distinctively contoured shape and tapered neck creates a softer image to appeal directly to the female consumer, and the frosted glass lends itself to the chill cabinet.”

Unscrewing the cap off a Slinky is a distinct future possibility says Armin Wagner.

“Cork is becoming more and more expensive, and there are also increasing tainting issues.

“The screw-cap is absolutely neutral and I think usage will further develop – although there is at the moment a consumer perception of it cheapening the product.”