Over 100,000 pounds of plastic will be removed from the world's oceans, rivers, and coastlines.


Nature Gnaws Natural Dog Chews and Treats is now a 4ocean Plastic Neutral Certified Product and Partner. (Credit: PR Newswire/ Nature Gnaws)

4ocean and Nature Gnaws announce a new partnership to address the ocean plastic pollution crisis and work towards ocean-positive sustainability by becoming a 4ocean plastic-neutral certified company.

As a 4ocean Certified Plastic Neutral Partner, Nature Gnaws is helping to remove over 100,000 pounds of plastic from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines to offset the plastic used in packaging. Every pound pulled will support and advance the movement to end the ocean plastic pollution crisis and help ensure cleaner, healthier oceans for current and future generations.

“We feel passionate about 4ocean’s mission and transparent process. We see this as the most effective way to make an impact. What’s also great is that 4ocean is another local business in our neighborhood in South Florida. We all walk our dogs on the same beaches and see the pollution washing up on our shores every day.” says Steve Mamak, Nature Gnaws CEO.

Nature Gnaws Packaging will now sport the 4ocean plastic neutral certified logo to bring awareness to customers about the initiative.

Alex Schulze, founder of 4ocean, said “We are excited to partner with Nature Gnaws, they share our passion for solving the ocean plastics crisis, one pound at a time. This initiative to pull thousands of lbs. from the ocean demonstrates a serious commitment to the environment, and we look forward to working together on our shared goals in the coming years.”

“Packaging technology is evolving quickly and the real goal here is to stop using plastic completely. While there is still a lot of ground to cover between producer and consumer before plastic in packaging becomes a thing of the past, we are committed to transparency in these efforts. We are consistently revisiting responsibility, sustainability, and positive impact efforts such as plastic neutrality with 4ocean. We trust our customers will be happy to support this partnership as we all want the same thing, less plastic and more planet.” says Avery Bradt, Nature Gnaws Marketing & Strategy.

Nature Gnaws is a family-run business making 100% natural chews and treats for dogs. Their chews are sourced globally and hand-packaged in Deerfield Beach, FL USA.

4ocean is a purpose-driven business with a mission to help end the ocean plastic crisis by cleaning the ocean and coastlines while stopping the inflow of plastic.

Source: Company Press Release