Amprica, of Italy, is to offer Europe’s bakery and convenience food markets thermoformed packaging made from NatureWorks PLA – Cargill Dow’s renewable resource based plastics. The material can also be used for films.

NatureWorks PLA is said to perform like traditional petroleum based plastics and in some cases offer better performance characteristics, including gloss, clarity, strength, and flavour and aroma barrier. It also fits all disposal options, including 100 per cent compostability in municipal facilities.

US based Cargill Dow’s technology produces the renewable resource based resin by ‘harvesting’ carbon from plants, such as maize. The process is claimed to use 20-50 per cent less fossil fuels than petroleum based plastics.

More information from: Bob Springs, Cargill Dow – TEL: +31 35 699 1344. EMAIL: