Natural Farm selects the Braskem's I'm green Polyethylene bioplastic as part of its 360 Degree Plan towards sustainability


Image: Natural Farm’s pet food packaging in Braskem's sustainably sourced sugarcane based bioplastic packaging. Photo: courtesy of Braskem.

Pet food provider Natural Farm has selected Braskem’s I’m green Polyethylene (PE) bioplastic for its recyclable dog food packaging.

The move is a part of Natural Farm’s 360 Degree Plan towards sustainability and includes integrating 51% bio-based, fossil-fuel-free and fully recyclable, I’m green PE bioplastic into its packaging.

Natural Farm founder and CEO Marcus Maximo said: “Natural Farm was founded on a passion for dogs and the love we share with our pets. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, all-natural chews for dogs of all shapes and sizes.

“We’re delighted that as well as preparing the highest quality dog treats, we’re equally focused on being responsible environmental stewards. We’re excited to have found the perfect partner with Braskem and its I’m green Polyethylene (PE) bioplastic, allowing Natural Farm so ensure we’re being socially responsible with our packaging.”

Braskem’s bioplastic forms part of a broader commitment to a more circular economy

Braskem said that its plant-based I’m green Polyethylene bioplastic is part of its broader commitment to a more circular economy.

Braskem North America Renewables team commercial manager Joe Jankowski said: “Natural Farm’s dedication to providing high-quality pet food and their commitment to doing so in a responsible, eco-friendly manner makes Natural Farm a perfect match for Braskem’s I’m green Polyethylene (PE) bioplastic.”

In May 2019, Boulder Clean has integrated Braskem’s plant-based bioplastic into the company’s new sustainably-focused laundry detergent packaging.

The Boulder Clean’s 230oz. laundry detergent container will incorporate Braskem’s plant-based I’m green Polyethylene bioplastic into the packaging, allowing to improve sustainability and reduce overall carbon footprint.

Braskem said that the bioplastic has a negative carbon footprint as the cultivation of sugarcane used in the production of I’m green PE captures CO2 and releases oxygen.

The company is claimed to be one of the largest producers of thermoplastic polyolefins in the Americas.

Braskem, which supplies its products to clients in around 100 countries, has 41 industrial units in Brazil, the US, Germany and Mexico.