Ardagh’s tall and slender 33cl Sleek cans have been selected for The Naked Collective’s whole product range


The Naked Collective has selected Ardagh’s aluminium cans for new premium health drinks. (Credit: Ardagh Group S.A.)

Ardagh Group has provided its infinitely recyclable 33cl Sleek aluminium cans for UK beverage company The Naked Collective’s new range of premium health drinks.

The Naked Collective’s So-Beer non-alcoholic lagers serve as better alcohol-free and low-sugar options for the consumers with specific health requirements.

The Light Lager and Grapefruit flavoured So-Beers include minerals and complex B vitamins, while the Mude range delivers vitamin-based functionalities such as chill work, play, sleep, and immunoboost.

The Naked Collective founder Niall Phelan said: “The level of support, responsiveness and the general feeling that we are working with a true partner has made the entire process fun. So, as we extend our range and expand our market, we’re delighted Ardagh will be our partner on that journey.”

Ardagh’s tall and slender 33cl Sleek can, which was manufactured in the UK, has been selected for the beverage company’s whole product range.

The Mude cans feature a white shell and blue tab and each of the five flavours can be easily distinguished by a single, rich, nature-inspired colour on the can body. The cans also feature an advanced ombré effect.

The So-Beer packs include clean pastels on a high-impact black background, while Ardagh’s advanced matte finish enables to better distinguish from existing health drink designs.

The new packaging has been developed with the support of Ardagh’s UK Graphics team

Ardagh’s UK Graphics team has helped to design the new packaging for The Naked Collective’s new premium health drinks.

The light to transport aluminium can is said to offer better protection from air, light, leakage and breakage, enabling to expand the product shelf life and reduce waste.

The Naked Collective’s Mude and So-Beer range will be launched online this month, while in major retailers in the UK and Ireland in July.

Ardagh Group’s European metal beverage business unit sales director Dirk Schwung said: “We’re proud to have helped The Naked Collective develop this fantastic aesthetic which communicates the premium product inside.

“Since the aluminium can is infinitely recyclable, it’s also great to see our pack contribute to this customer’s clean, minimalist philosophy and carbon-neutral stance.”

In March this year, Ardagh Group designed a new can for French craft brewery R for Diversity for its blond beer.