Multisac installed the new Comexi S1 DT slitter at its facilities in Chaspuzac, replacing two older Comexi S1 DS slitter machines


Image: Multisac will use the new Comexi S1 DT slitter to increase productivity. Photo: courtesy of Comexi.

French laminated flexible packaging firm and a unit of Sigoplast Group Multisac has commissioned a fully automated Comexi S1 DT slitter to boost its production operations.

The new Comexi S1 DT slitter has been installed at Multisac’s facilities in Chaspuzac, France and replaced the two older Comexi S1 DS slitter machines.

Multisac plant manager M Januel said: “Comexi S1 DT allows us to offer our customers the highest converting quality at high speeds.

“As the advantages of using double turret have been undoubtedly great for the French company, they decided to replace two slitter Comexi S1 DS machines with the new Comexi S1 DT.

“This is a very good machine because we save time between the two reels, as well as on loading and unloading, resulting in very high productivity.”

Comexi S1 DT slitter is integrated with nip tension gap system

Designed to offer improved results in both quality and productivity compared to the older model, the Comexi S1 DT slitter features a nip tension gap system that enables working with different tensions in the rewinding and unwinding.

The slitter also allows to customise and offers automation options such as splicing tables, automatic reel unloading, video inspection camera or robotised labelling of finished reels.

Comexi Chaspuzac area manager Olivier Gibert said: “Customer satisfaction is very important for Comexi, and we are extremely pleased with the positive reception of the Comexi S1 DT by Multisac.

“Today we have many machines installed in France with this automatization, and our goal in the future is to install more productive and safer machines for operators.”

Multisac manufactures and prints laminated plastic films for major brands in the agro-food industry.

The firm uses technologies including flexographic printing; lamination with and without solvents; and rewinding and making bags to work in the production and commercialisation of flexible packaging including films, bags and formats.

Earlier this year, US-based Portco Packaging has purchased Comexi SI DT slitter featuring laser technology for installation at its Woodland facility in the state of Washington.