Comexi ML2 laminator is suitable for use in various types of flexible packaging applications


Multisac has purchased new Comexi ML2 laminator. (Credit: Comexi)

Portugal-based Multisac Flexible Packaging has purchased a new Comexi ML2 laminator to boost its production capabilities.

The new laminator is the seventh Comexi machine purchased by Multisac. It already has three slitters, a flexographic press and two other laminators.

Comexi ML2 laminator has been designed to use in various types of flexible packaging applications.

The laminator is suitable for applications such as heat seal, cold seal, matt and gloss varnish coatings, solvent and water-based laminating and solventless laminating.

Various benefits offered by the laminator include high precision register control, fully integrated coating weight sensor, Comexi cloud, aluminium kits and modular drying tunnel.

Comexi Europe regional sales director David Morera said: “We are very satisfied with our Multisac Flexible Packaging partnership. The sale of seven machines conveys that the trust between the two companies is extremely good, and we must continue working daily in order to maintain it.

“Yearly, Multisac Flexible Packaging is growing. We are happy that Comexi can contribute to this growth with our machinery, as is the case of Multisac’s ML2 laminator purchase.”

Multisac, a provider of flexible packaging solutions, uses technologies such as flexographic printing, digital printing, solventless and solvent-based laminating and rewinding.

Multisac also exports its products to Spain, France, and Portuguese-speaking African countries, in addition to operating in the domestic market of Portugal.

In January this year, South Korea-based plastic packaging manufacturer Yusung Pack installed a second Comexi SL2 laminator.

Yusung Pack is engaged in the manufacturing of plastic packaging for household goods, food, cosmetics, and facial masks.