A gauging instrument claimed to provide the most advanced film thickness measurement available has been introduced by Lumetrics. The DI 330 Optigauge employs optical technology to measure absolute thickness to within 0.1 micron, a specification guaranteed by continuous calibration with a built-in reference standard. Virtually any translucent multilayer film or laminate can be analyzed in detail because the thickness of every layer is measured simultaneously. In addition, a measurement rate of 30Hz is said to make the DI 330 ideal for on-line inspection of a fast moving web.

According to Lumetrics, traditional techniques for measuring film thickness have been evolving far too slowly to keep pace with the more demanding needs of manufacturers. It says the Optigauge system meets these needs by providing real-time precision thickness measurements that ensure confidence in the production of advanced speciality films. By monitoring the manufacturing process, improvements can be made to increase product quality, reduce waste, and lower cost.

John Hart, Lumetrics president and ceo, promises: “Manufacturers of speciality film and flexible packaging products will no longer need to rely on cumbersome, less accurate measurement techniques to provide the important information needed to make adjustments to the manufacturing line. A better quality product with a lower cost of goods will result.”



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