The new high-performance machine is intended for the automated packaging of Mondi’s universal and fully recyclable corrugated EnvelopeMailer for maximum performance


The new machine complements Mondi’s universal and fully recyclable corrugated EnvelopeMailer. (Credit: Mondi)

UK-based packaging firm Mondi has collaborated with German machine producer Heiber + Schröder to launch eComPack for automated packaging of the former’s EnvelopeMailer for eCommerce.

Mondi said the high-speed automated packaging machine meets the process, efficiency and safety requirements of different eCommerce fulfilment operations.

Capable of processing up to 500 parcels per hour due to its automated erecting, filling and closing process, the new eComPack machine is built for medium to big eCommerce businesses looking for efficiency and dependability.

Mondi said the resulting high-output eComPack can automatically process a variety of items with a single height-adaptable packaging design that comes in many sizes

The latest advanced machine requires little floor space and is easy to use and maintain, the packaging firm said.

Mondi Corrugated Solutions sales and marketing director Tarik Aniba said: “In the rapidly growing world of eCommerce, the combination of an excellent paper-based product and an efficient and economic automated packaging machine is a key differentiator for our customers.

“The successful introduction of Mondi’s EnvelopeMailer solution increased manual packaging output by 8% compared to standard C-folder packaging.

“With eComPack, we are now enabling our customers to double their output and optimise packing operations in fulfilment centres handling high volumes.”

Since its launch in 2020, the EnvelopeMailer’s adaptability in the fulfilment process, efficiency in handling, and economical use of material and space have made it an all-around new standard in the market.

It is designed to safely fit single or multiple items and rectangular as well as irregular shapes up to 7cm in height, the packaging company said.

Heiber + Schröder managing director André Garmer said: “Together with Mondi we developed the machine in a very dynamic co-creation process. The result is a robust, user-friendly machine with top-class usability.

“Through clever and responsible creation, we were able to synchronise packaging design and machine functionality into a solution that offers tremendous potential if combined with the right packaging solution.”