SPAR South Africa and Food Lover’s Market have selected the new paper shopping bag to minimise plastic waste


Mondi and Taurus Packaging have developed reusable shopping bag for South African retail market. (Credit: Mondi)

Packaging and paper firm Mondi has partnered with Taurus Packaging to develop a new wet strength paper shopping bag for the South African retail market.

Designed to carry groceries, the new fit-for-purpose reusable shopping bag is said to replace traditionally used plastic bags.

Mondi’s Advantage Kraft Plus paper with wet strength is used to produce the new sustainable bag, which is selected by two customers – SPAR South Africa and Food Lover’s Market.

Food Lover’s Market, which already banned plastic bags from its stores, has selected the new paper shopping bag to accelerate its sustainable efforts.

Suitable for South African weather conditions, the new sustainable packaging will help eliminate two million plastic bags enter the waste stream in South Africa each month.

The new paper shopping bag consists of wet strength, which meets the 16kg standard requirement of the South African market.

It has the potential to resist tearing even when cold products and liquids condense rapidly, as well as withstands longer customer journeys on public transport.

Mondi sack kraft paper sales director Conny Josefsson said: “At Mondi, we are committed to finding fit-for-purpose solutions that make ‘using paper where possible and plastic when useful’ a reality.

“Applying our customer-centric EcoSolutions approach, we were able to support Taurus in their search for a sustainable paper bag alternative. With our kraft paper expertise, we have made it possible to still use and reuse these paper bags under demanding handling conditions.”

In partnership with Taurus Packaging, two million paper shopping bags will be produced per month using Mondi’s recyclable, renewable, and PEFC certified paper.

In August this year, Mondi launched new sustainable corrugated packaging solutions for the online grocery market across Central Europe.