Dutch based Apex Europe has won a five-year corporate contract to supply laser engraved ceramic coated anilox, glue and doctor rolls, and cleaning liquids to Mondi Board’s 27 manufacturing sites in the UK. Apex says Mondi saw major benefits from its UltraMelt laser engraving technology, which allows a 15 per cent reduction in volume capacity to achieve the same ink transfer. Another benefit claimed is improved cleanability.

The new developments on glue sets are said to have proved a major success at Mondi’s corrugated plants. Use of a fine screen count stainless steel glue roll in combination with a ceramic sprayed doctor roll technology is now being recommended to the whole group.

Apex also offers a yearly deep cleaning programme, providing Mondi with a BioJet system for cleaning anilox rolls in the machine. A total audit also provides each plant with a computer image of the cell structure and the volume measurements of each roll. This will improve their ability to monitor wear and enable management to budget a replacement programme more accurately.

The contract also includes structured reporting to Mondi Group HQ. Purchases will be registered each month to give a full overview of roll expenditure per plant.


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