The new packaging is designed to meet the pet food producer’s objective to use a reclosable and recyclable packaging solution that retains the brand appeal in stores

Dog food

Mondi has designed for recyclable packaging for dog food brand Hau-Hau Champion. (Credit: Mondi)

Packaging and paper company Mondi has designed a recyclable mono-material packaging for Finland-based dog food brand Hau-Hau Champion.

The company is delivering a range of recyclable mono-material pet food packaging for Hau-Hau Champion, a pet food brand of Vafo Group’s business unit Prima Pet Premium.

The new packaging is said to meet the pet food producer’s objective to use a reclosable and recyclable packaging solution, without impacting its performance and the brand appeal in stores.

Hau-Hau Champion brand specialist Suvi Sillvan said: “With Hau-Hau’s brand refresh, we were looking for packaging that fully aligns with our commitment to reduce the carbon footprint of our products and operations as well as upgrades the packaging to match the high quality of the product content.”

EcoSolutions, the customer-centric approach of Mondi, enabled Hau-Hau Champion to turn up for a high-barrier solution that is reclosed, maintains food fresh and restricts any smells.

The unrecyclable multi-layer packaging with a metallised layer is replaced by Mondi’s recyclable mono-material packaging with a reel material for form-fill-and-seal (FFS) 1.5kg bags and pre-made FlexiBag Recyclable for bags up to 15kg.

FlexiBag Recyclable is a mono-material polyethylene (PE) pre-made bag designed specifically for recycling, thereby allowing to directly deposit into Finnish plastic recycling streams.

The new packaging also features strong carrying handles and a user-friendly reclosure for the prevention of kibble from going stale, helping to minimise waste.

In addition, the mono-material packaging is provided with an anti-slip matt lacquer exterior and a valve to allow air to escape for optimal palletisation.

Mondi EcoSolutions project manager Thomas Kahl said: “Through our EcoSolutions approach, we help customers find environmentally responsible alternatives without compromising on performance, ease of use, or aesthetics.

“For Hau-Hau Champion, this involved asking many questions to gain deeper insight into the needs of the brand and its end users, as well as collaborating closely throughout the process to test and evaluate all solutions.”

Recently, Mondi has launched a new high-barrier pouch, dubbed RetortPouch Recyclable, for food and wet pet food manufacturers.