Reckitt Benckiser is planning to introduce new Finish packaging in Italy this month


Mondi and Reckitt Benckiser have collaborated to launch recyclable dishwasher tablet packaging. (Credit: Mondi)

Mondi has collaborated with Reckitt Benckiser (RB) Group to introduce a fully recyclable and mono-material flexible plastic packaging for its Finish dishwasher tablets Quantum Ultimate.

Mondi has provided its BarrierPack recyclable packaging for RB’s premium line of Finish dishwasher tablets.

Mondi Consumer Flexibles global key account manager Olivier Seux said: “Following Mondi’s customer-centric EcoSolutions approach, we worked closely with RB to find the best solution and make this product fully recyclable without sacrificing the high-end look, feel and performance – we asked questions about the entire process and tailored various aspects to meet the customer’s precise needs.”

RB is planning to introduce new Finish packaging in Italy this month, followed by Germany and the UK. The company is also planning a global launch of the product.

BarrierPack can be used for various form/fill/seal packaging lines. They can be recycled based on the availability of a suitable infrastructure.

The recyclable packaging delivers better water vapour and oxygen barrier properties

The recyclable packaging offers better water vapour and oxygen barrier properties, as well as mineral oil and gas barrier properties.

RB hygiene packaging sustainability director Krzysztof Krajewski said: “Mondi had a great, hands-on approach and was very agile. We’re pleased that Mondi is an RB innovation partner and part of our company’s ‘PtI-Partners-to-innovate’ signature program established by our R&D. From the ideation to launch, we’re with our partners every step of the way.”

In March, Mondi collaborated with Mexican corrugated packaging company Cartro to offer new sustainable packaging solution for fresh produce applications.

To enter the fresh produce market, Cartro has worked with Mondi for the development of a new corrugated box product that can address all the challenges of transportation.