Mondi will install the new machine at Pereslav facility and a new nine-layer co-extrusion line at the Aramil facility


Mondi Flexible Packaging CEO Peter Orisich. (Credit: Mondi)

Packaging and paper solutions provider Mondi has unveiled plans to expand the capabilities of Aramil and Pereslavl flexible packaging plants in Russia.

Mondi Consumer Flexibles Russia will enhance the printing and extrusion capabilities at both plants to offer customers with improved flexibility and sustainable packaging solutions.

Mondi will complete the installation of the new machine at its Pereslav facility by the first quarter of 2021 to increase the rotogravure capabilities. The investment will also be used to expand Mondi’s printing capacities and improve contingency planning for customer orders.

Mondi Pereslavl will also provide flexographic printing for customers, in addition to their newly increased rotogravure capacity.

The investment, along with Aramil’s focus on flexographic printing, will allow meeting the demand from major FMCG and other customers while reducing lead times for the delivery.

Mondi has also announced plans to expand its sustainable packaging range to meet the increasing demand from the confectionery, food, and dry and wet pet food markets in Russia.

The company will install a new nine-layer co-extrusion line at its Aramil facility to manufacture high-barrier films by the end of this year.

The updated product portfolio will include solutions ranging from mono-materials to multi-layer high-barrier laminates, which can be recycled.

Customers can access new capabilities and portfolio in the first quarter of 2021

Mondi stated that the new capabilities and portfolio will be available for customers during the first quarter of 2021.

Mondi Flexible Packaging CEO Peter Orisich said: “Russia is an important region for Mondi, which is why we have integrated the supply between both Aramil and Pereslavl, now called Consumer Flexibles Russia.

“Offering flexibility as well as products that are sustainable by design are a top priority for this region. We look forward to working with our customers to provide them with the best solutions for their packaging requirements and sustainability needs.”

Recently, Mondi upgraded its paper bags facility located in Hungary, with the installation of a new paper sack converting machine.