Mondi designed the new release liners from renewable materials using silicon created in a mass-balanced process of non-fossil compounds to meet the firm’s sustainability goals


Beiersdorf’s new release liners are made from renewable materials. (Credit: Mondi)

UK-based packaging firm Mondi has collaborated with German skincare company Beiersdorf to develop a more sustainable release liner for the latter’s new wound care plaster range GREEN & PROTECT from Hansaplast, Elastoplast & CURITAS.

Mondi designed the new release liners from renewable materials. The firm used silicon created in a mass-balanced process of non-fossil compounds.

Beiersdorf’s new recyclable release liner aligns with its sustainability goal to minimise fossil-based materials and increase renewable feedstock.

The skincare company approached Mondi to develop a sustainable, safe and effective solution for the consumer.

The packaging company replaced the release liners of the over-the-counter wound care plasters with an alternative liner, thus removing the fossil-based raw materials with methanol, made from cut grass or straw.

Mondi claimed that the latest offering for Beiersdorf is industrially compostable according to ISO 14855. The new solution also leverages less raw material in comparison to its predecessor.

The results from the internal Mondi Recycling Lab in Frantschach have demonstrated that the liner is recyclable as per the Cepi 4Evergreen standard paper mill requirements.

Additionally, Beiersdorf’s sustainability plans align with Mondi’s MAP2030 goals, which include making all of the packaging and paper products reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2025.

Earlier this month, Mondi announced the development of a new paper packaging PelletBags to replace the unnecessary plastic in the wooden pellets of Holz-Bauer.

Available in white and brown, and in a range of sizes up to 25kg, the PelletBags are now made from two-ply Mondi kraft paper which is produced, printed and converted in-house.