Developed for Italian Antico Pastificio Umbro, the new packaging is completely recyclable and can eliminate up to 20 tonnes of plastic every year


Mondi and Fiorini International partner to create paper packaging for pasta. (Credit: Mondi)

Packaging and paper firm Mondi and Italian packaging producer Fiorini International have jointly created a new paper packaging for a premium Italian pasta brand.

Developed for Antico Pastificio Umbro, the new packaging is completely recyclable and combines strength and style to deliver a more appealing experience to the customers.

Antico Pastificio Umbro chose to use the expertise of Mondi and Fiorini International to develop a paper bag with a viewing window for its premium pasta varieties after a complete overhaul of its packaging design.

This packaging option will help the firm achieve its environmental target of reducing plastic by saving up to 20 tonnes of plastic annually after it has been fully implemented.

Its design has a sizable window made of transparent, recyclable, and biodegradable cellulose that allows the user to see the contents.

The material of the bag offers the same level of protection as the old plastic packaging along with a similar shelf life and safe transportation.

The presence of a new closure system improves the hygiene and ensures a simple opening with the use of special food contact hot-melt glue, together with a reinforced patch on the bottom.

The packaging can be simply disposed of by customers in the current paper waste streams because it is made from renewable resources.

The new pasta bag is claimed to have an excellent runnability on filling machines and superb printability for clear communication of all brand and product information.

Antico Pastificio Umbro CEO Leonardo Faccendini said: “Reducing the environmental impact of our products – their manufacture, packaging and transport – is a top priority for us as a company, and replacing traditional plastic packaging with paper is a major step towards achieving this goal.

“We are investing in new systems and a plant and are planning to roll out this plastic-free packaging across our entire pasta range.”