The Welshpool, UK, based Wipak Division of Finland’s Wihuri group produces laminated packaging films and pouches using a two-component polyurethane adhesive. It has installed a Dopag Vario-Mix 1A model L4 machine to proportion, meter and mix the polyol and isocyanate components of the adhesive before it is dispensed automatically to a roller system that applies it onto the film.

To maintain quality, it is important that the two components are mixed in the correct proportions and the machine, which can dispense up to 2 litre/min, features individual flow counters, designed to monitor constantly both the ratio during processing and the usage of each component. Applying the adhesive at the correct temperature is also vitally important and the Dopag unit is contained within a heated enclosure, ensuring a constant temperature is maintained.

Wipak UK managing director Philip Wolstenholme comments: “We believe the Vario-Mix 1A is the best machine available for processing laminating adhesives, which is why we have standardized on this product throughout our European facilities.”

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