The new hygienic weigh price labeler has been designed to be used for low volume and products not suitable for automatic labeling


Minebea Intec has introduced new WPL–S manual weigh price labeler. (Credit: Minebea Intec)

Minebea Intec, a provider of industrial weighing and inspection systems, has introduced a new WPL–S manual weigh price labeller for the meat, fish, dairy, fruit and vegetable markets.

The company has developed a new hygienic weigh price labeller for low volume and products not suitable for automatic labelling.

Minebea stated that the stainless steel construction of the new labeller makes it more suitable for better hygiene requirements of the food industry.

Customers can select a range of screens, printers, scales, scanners, indicators and software possibilities, said the company.

The WPL-S weigh price labeller provides a wide variety of features, including field-to-fork traceability for legal compliance, integration with other hardware and open-source software and automated reporting.

Minebea’s system has the potential to interface with higher-level systems, as well as offers BarTender label design software.

The weigh price labeller can be used for different purposes, including calculation of price based on weight, calculation of best by date based on product, packaging, fresh or frozen and calculation of cooking time based on the product, size and weight.

Initially, Minebea is planning to launch the WPL–S weigh price labeller in selected countries.

Minebea Intec UK, Ireland and Russia country manager Colin Maher said: “We recognised the demand in the food industry for a superior labelling product in combination with our renowned Minebea Intec weighing technology.

“Now more and more customers are relying on the WPL-S as a flexible solution for their very specific requirements.”

In July 2019, HACO, a Swiss manufacturer of convenience products, installed a new packing line comprising customised multihead weigher and X-ray inspection system from Ishida for instant dried soups.