The cider was previously available only in a 750ml glass bottle and now it introduced four of Michel Jodoin’s apple musts in Ardagh’s light and slim 250ml can


Michel Jodoin introduces apple musts cider range in Ardagh’s 250ml cans. (Credit: Ardagh Group S.A.)

Canadian Québécois cider brand Michel Jodoin is expanding its non-alcoholic apple musts cider in a new range of cans with a playful design from Luxembourg-based packaging provider Ardagh.

Previously, the cider was available only in a 750ml glass bottle and now the brand has introduced four of its apple musts in Ardagh’s light and slim 250ml can.

“Must” is claimed by the company to be 100% pure fruit juice, wherein the apple juice is produced early in the cider-making process.

The company has made most of the can’s 360° design possibilities by filling up the can body with its designs featuring a little cat getting up to various tricks.

The product names for each drink in the range include ‘Fais Pas La Moue’ (‘don’t sulk’) is the classic apple cider; ‘Litchi Litchi par-ci, Litchi Litchi par-là’ (‘lychees everywhere a little lick here, a little lick there…’) adds a lychee twist to the apple base.

The festive ‘Des Pommes Qui Font Pop’ (‘apples go pop’) uses rosé apples and highlights the fun, sparkling element and ‘Nos Pommes Portent Fruit’ (‘our apples bear fruit’) plays on the double-fruit flavour of apples with natural pear.

Michel Jodoin executive director Francine Déry said: “We have been delighted by Ardagh’s high quality technical support and their professionalism.

“We really appreciate the speed of response and speed of execution, and love the new cans, which mean we are now offering a smaller serve size and can attract a wider range of customers.”

Apple musts in Ardagh’s cans are available in supermarkets across Quebec

The cans with non-alcoholic apple musts cider are available in supermarkets across Quebec, and at the Michel Jodoin online shop for delivery in Canada.

Furthermore, the brand also has plans to extend its canned range to include alcoholic ciders in the near future.

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