Fresh fiber paperboards manufacturer Metsä Board is set to unveil its new sustainable packaging solutions for luxury and creative applications.

8Jan - Metsa

Image: Metsä Board to display its packaging solutions at PCD 2019 Paris. Photo: Courtesy of METSÄ GROUP.

Metsä board said, along with its premium paperboards, it will unveil its range of packaging analysis and design services which encompass material and structural analysis as well as modification of existing packaging to a fully-customized design, complete with graphics.

The solutions will be showcased at PCD Paris – Packaging of Perfume and Cosmetics Design 2019 event.

The SkinCare 2.0 gift box, which uses fibre-based materials to replace plastic, will also be highlighted at the event.

The outer rigid box and the tray are manufactured with a new pulp moulding process. Metsä claims that the three inner cartons are made of lightweight paperboard and provide a unique opening and reclosing experience combined with maximum performance.

Another gift box on display features haptics, pigment effects, matt and gloss lacquer finishes as well as laser-cutting and various hot foil embossing effects.

The package called ‘Nature’ is a result of a cross industry collaboration project. Metsä Board is also expected to present a ‘golden’ package designed to look and feel like an exclusive branded leather-like clutch-bag that is recyclable at the end of its lifecycle.

On 30 January 2019, Metsä board in-charge for the beautycare business Christophe Baudry is expected to present the products during a session called ‘The fragrance sustainability challenge – becoming people and planet positive’ which will be chaired by Chanel.

Baudry said: “I believe our role is to inspire brand owners, converters and designers and help them achieve sustainable luxury to respond today’s consumers’ demands by using lightweight paperboards and innovative packaging design.”

In September 2018, Metsa board has exhibited its range of sustainable packaging solutions for luxury and creative applications at the event Luxe Pack 2018.

Apart from premium paperboards, Metsä also featured its range of packaging analysis and design services including material and structural analysis, it displayed a creative customer case study that shows how packaging design should communicate with each part of the value chain.