Metsä Board's new 100% recyclable bakery packaging has a less environmental footprint and makes the assembly of the box fast and easy


The new bakery packaging can reduce CO2 emissions by a third. (Credit: Metsä Board Corporation)

Fresh fibre products producer Metsä Board has developed a 100% recyclable bakery packaging for Viipurilainen Kotileipomo, which produces pastries and artisan breads.

The new bakery packaging has less environmental footprint and the assembly of the box is fast and easy, said Metsä.

When compared to the previous packaging, the new offering is said to reduce the material requirements by 25% and carbon dioxide emissions by 34%.

By shifting away from a PE-coated board, Viipurilainen Kotileipomo was able to cut its usage of plastic.

The new packaging is produced using lightweight MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB, which is a dispersion coated barrier board that can be easily recycled through paper or paperboard waste streams.

The MetsäBoard Prime FBB EB board is thick and grease-resistant, which is said to be important for foods with a high fat content, such as pastries and cakes.

The design of the packaging was created by Viipurilainen Kotileipomo and Metsä Board’s packaging design team based at Metsä Board’s Excellence Centre.

Metsä Board EMEA and APAC packaging services director Ilkka Harju said: “The new concept is an excellent example of innovative solutions made possible by joint brainstorming.

“In designing the packaging, we used a virtual model at our Excellence Centre to quickly and accurately visualise the material, structure and its sustainability.”

Viipurilainen Kotileipomo bread artist and innovation director Teppo Ylä-Hemmilä said: “Packaging sustainability is important to us and our customers, and it’s great to be able to spread the word about reducing plastic and promoting recycling.

“The whole product development process was carried out in a structured way at the Excellence Centre and the new stylish packaging was quickly brought to market.”

In August last year, Metsä Board partnered with Henkel Adhesive Technologies to develop sustainable packaging solutions.