The use of face masks has been increased to hundreds of millions across the world during the recent pandemic


Metsä Board, Futupack and Capertum develop waste bin for face masks disposal. (Credit: METSÄ BOARD.)

Finnish fresh fibre paperboards producer Metsä Board, Futupack and Capertum, a corrugated board converter, have collaborated to develop a new corrugated waste bin for the hygienic disposal of face masks.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of face masks has increased to hundreds of millions across the world.

Metsä Board said that these face masks are ending up littering public places or natural sites.

Developed specifically for face masks disposal, the new waste bin is designed with special attention to the materials utilised as well as the usability and disposability of the bin.

Metsä Board EMEA & APAC packaging services director Ilkka Harju said: “With urbanization and a growing population, hygienic waste management solutions are becoming increasingly important.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has brought its own challenges to waste management. We are happy to be able to offer a solution to the dilemma of mask waste.”

Metsä Board Pro WKL 160 g/m2 coated white kraftliner used as the top liner of waste bin

The company has used its Pro WKL 160 g/m2 coated white kraftliner as the top liner of the new corrugated waste bin and Capertum has printed the e-flute corrugated board in silk screen.

Metsä Board said that the stylish, lightweight design of the bin makes it easy to place in many indoor public spaces.

Futupack lead packaging engineer Jani Mäkipää said: “We wanted the mask bin to be as aesthetic as possible so that it could be placed easily into any indoor environment. The mask bin is delivered flat, and can be quickly assembled.

“In addition, full instructions on assembly for the consumers are printed on to the bin itself. When the mask bin is full, it is easy to close the lid, and the entire bin can be safely and hygienically disposed of with the incinerated waste.”

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