MedTainer meets or exceeds the standards set by Health Canada as well as the US FDA


Image: MedTainer Overcomes Compliant Packaging Challenges. Photo: courtesy of Pexels from Pixabay.

MedTainer announced that recent challenges presented by local governments and legislatures to a diverse array of cannabis packaging companies, including safety and health compliance issues, have been met and that its signature product, the MedTainer, meets or exceeds the standards set by Health Canada as well as the US FDA. These positive assertions allow the company to begin expanding its operations with multiple partners and agencies throughout North America, Europe, South America and the British Commonwealth.

The Company has continually and aggressively positioned itself as a premiere cannabis packaging solution since its inception in 2013. Since then it has consistently out-performed and out-designed literally hundreds of packaging companies vying for the same markets. Its sales of over 4 million products continues to impress distributor partners, including more than a dozen large licensed producers in North America. The Companies intention of providing a pre-packaging solution to growers has recently begun to be fulfilled, as several boutique growers are now packaging flower cannabis in custom-printed, multi-functional 20-dram and 40-dram MedTainers. Customer satisfaction with these products exceeds 99 percent and other, cheaper counterfeit products coming from China have been kept in check by the Company’s aggressive IP Protection Programs.

Sales of the MedTainer continue to grow and the calendar year continues to progress in ways that the company anticipated it would at the beginning of the year. The Company wishes to assure their constituents that business is steadily increasing and the outlook for the rest of the year continues to be very positive. MedTainer Inc. continues to look self-assuredly to the future and has great confidence in the position it maintains within this vibrant and expanding market.