The robotic tape inspection station is capable of inspecting cases in random position on the conveyor


The MCRI’s new robotic tape inspection station. (Credit: Motion Controls Robotics)

Motion Controls Robotics (MCRI), a provider of robotics and automation technologies, has launched a new robotic tape inspection station for end of line packaging.

The patented pending station features a FANUC robot and vision programming to detect the proper application of tape on a variety of case sizes, which run through the conveyor station.

In a statement, MCRI said: “Robots add flexibility to current hard automation. Using a robot and vision to check the tape tails means the robot firsts spots the box and then finds the tape instead of having the box move into an exact location to be scanned.”

With the flexibility to fit any setup and rate, the robotic tape inspection machine has a small footprint robot cell and can be easily added to any stretch of the current conveyor.

Robotic tape inspection station can handle variety of case sizes

Capable of handling a variety of case sizes, the robotic tape inspection station can inspect cases in a random position on the conveyor and provides users with the preventative measure for quality control and customer satisfaction.

MCRI sales & marketing director James Skelding said: “The MCRI tape detection system saves companies thousands of dollars in shipping cost and customer issues by detecting improperly sealed cases.”

The firms said it has installed the new system for current customers, who face issues with tape failure costing them revenue.

MCRI offers a variety of robot options for customers in industries including food and beverage, building and construction, plastic and container, automotive components, converting and packaging, and fulfilment centre.

Last year, Italian firm Sidel has launched new auto-adjustable Pick & Place case packer, Cermex FlexiPack, for wine and spirits bottles.