McCafé’s new brand identity includes an updated logo and new golden cups


Image: New brand identity debuts in August and is the next step as McCafé celebrates decade of brewing goodness for customers in the US. Photo: courtesy of McDonald's Corporation.

McCafé, a coffee-house-style food and beverage chain owned by McDonald’s, has unveiled a new brand identity, marking its completion of 10 years.

The new brand identity is comprised of an updated logo and new golden cups, as well as a new brand tagline: “Good is Brewing.”

The new refreshing brand look of McCafé

McCafé cups and pastry bags with a new look and additional packaging is provided at McDonald’s restaurants across the country.

The newly designed McCafé hot beverage cups will continue to be certified by Forest Stewardship Council.

McDonald’s said that the McCafé is refreshing brand look and feel to celebrate 10 years of brewing coffee and the new brand identity embraces optimism.

According to the company, McDonald’s USA served around 822 million cups of hot Premium Roast McCafé Coffee, which is equal to around 1,600 cups of hot Premium Roast McCafé Coffee per minute.

McDonald’s menu innovation vice president Linda VanGosen said: “Over the years, we’ve been focused on elevating the McCafé experience – from adding more choices, evolving the in-restaurant experience and broadening accessibility to this important brand.

“This latest update is a natural evolution of the steps we’ve taken to modernize the brand experience and deliver growth. We remain excited about coffee, and will continue to prioritize making McCafé a go-to coffee destination for customers.”

McCafé, which was launched in the US in 2009, is a major segment of the McDonald’s business. It expanded menu options with café-quality espresso drinks and bakery items such as Donut Sticks.

In July 2018, McDonald’s joined Starbucks and Closed Loop Partners as a founding member of the initiative to end cup waste.

The NextGen Cup Consortium and Challenge, convened by Closed Loop Partners, was launched to develop a global recyclable and/or compostable cup solution.

The challenge will gather ideas from innovators, entrepreneurs, industry experts, and recyclers to develop generation recyclable or compostable cups.