MAP80 Systems has reduced space symbology barcodes in it’s PRISYM and PRISYMEDICA labelling and identification software. The aim is to help pharmaceutical customers comply with recent FDA guidelines to improve patient safety and food industry customers to prepare for EU legislation on food traceability coming into force in January 2005.

EAN International and the UCC have developed RSS as a means of encoding more information into a smaller space. This is useful for products ranging from a unit of dose medication, small packaged food items and electrical components. Since RSS barcodes are based on the UCC/EAN system they are easily implemented and are likely to become widespread very quickly.

Companies need to ensure their labelling software, printers and scanners can handle the new RSS barcodes. Upgrading to advanced labelling software such as PRISYM 5 means companies are able to implement RSS barcodes quickly and easily. MAP 80 provide an RSS solution including software, hardware, consumables and customer support and validation for pharmaceutical applications.