A study undertaken by Whitcup Associates in the US revealed that more than 8 millennials out of 10 find supermarket or grocery store product packaging convincing to reduce shopping time.

Whitcup Associates Packaging Study

Image: Does your packaging attract millennials? Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire.

Other highly desirable needs to 7 in 10 Millennials include packaging that:

Is biodegradable/reduces carbon footprint.

Is simplified (larger fonts, shorter names, limited graphics).

Utilizes different colors/shades to differentiate products in a line.

Indicates charities/causes supported by the manufacturer.

Describes manufacturer’s food chain/environmental initiatives.

Whitcup president Morris S said: “Smartphone applications containing information specific to a particular neighborhood and provide details regarding product origin, manufacture and sustainability are also popular.”

Whitcup Research Services director Keith LaMattina said: “Millennials are unimpressed by recent manufacturer packaging innovations. Of the nine tested product categories, only electronics (35%) is perceived by a noticeable minority as having introduced innovative packaging in the past year.”

Source: Company press release.