Emerson & Renwick has received an order for a 2.2m wide special purpose slitter rewinder, converting and packaging line. The customer’s current method of production is extremely labour intensive, and the brief was that any manual handling of the substrate on the machine through to packaging had to be eliminated. It also required the capability for manufacturing not one, but two totally distinct products on the same machine, one being a web product, the second being produced by a die cutting type process.

The web process will consist of slitting and rewinding a 2.2m wide web which will then be automatically wrapped, weighed and packaged in boxes. The handling and unloading of the slit reels is critical in to the packaging operation, so the slit reels will be automatically unloaded by means of a motorized reel ejection system from a cantilevered reel bar onto a conveyor system.

The die cutting process involves cutting the product into squares, then transferring the material on a conveying system into a compactor which automatically weighs, bags and heat seals the bag ready for palletizing.



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