The new facility will help Mann Packing to expand its business and better meet its consumer requirements


Packaged vegetables provider Mann Packing has opened new facility in Gonzales, California. (Credit: Dominik & Frederike Schneider from Pixabay)

Mann Packing, a provider of packaged vegetables in North America, has opened a new facility in Gonzales, California, US.

The company has added the fifth facility to its west coast operations to better serve customers in the region. Mann Packing’s other facilities are situated in Salinas, Chualar and Delhi of California, as well as in Yuma of Arizona.

The new facility will enable Mann Packing to expand its business, boost its existing operations and offer a new space to help the brand to better meet its consumer requirements.

Mann Packing’s new facility features 130,000ft² of production space for fruit and vegetables with full-fledged automation and increased capabilities. It can also be expanded based on the requirement.

The facility will produce and process Mann Packing’s MANN slaws, gourmet vegetables and new veggie sides such as BROCCOLINI baby broccoli, CAULILINI baby cauliflower and NOURISH BOWL salads.

To strengthen Mann Packing’s focus on food safety and quality, the new facility has been added with different features, including full cold chain from reception of raw material to delivery of the finished product to ensure freshness.

It also offers improved environmental monitoring programme and updated QMS technology for instant information sharing.

The facility features separate processing and raw material areas, as well as implements advanced sanitation and cleaning protocols. It also includes a 260ft wind turbine to help the company in sustainable processing.

Mann Packing sales vice president Parker Javid said: “We are humbled by the families across the country that choose our wholesome vegetables for their dinner tables and do not take that responsibility lightly.

“With the opening of this safe and innovative facility, we are so excited to continue to share with our consumers both new and existing products and continue to build a bright future together with them.”

Mann Packing was acquired by Del Monte Fresh Produce in 2018. Currently, the company operates under Del Monte Fresh Produce vegetable division.