Engineers really went to town when they designed the new servo-controlled MAF stretchpacker for, apparently, nothing has been left unchanged.

User benefits, potential fields of application, machine accessibility, expandability and ease of maintenance were all subjected to close scrutiny.

Working from two separately controlled rolls of film, the ServoFox operates at up to 50 packs/min and a multi-web operation is possible. Performance depends on product and product formation.

The machine can handle a variety of film options – banding with or without shrinkwrapping, all-round film wrapper with side gusset, lengthwise seal or crossover banding.

Tailor-made specific feed systems simplify product input. The optimum feed/grouping station is designed to meet individual customer requirements.

The ServoFox achieves high speeds despite a gentle film-stretching process. The result is a welded seam that is always tension-relieved. It withstands the strain even in cases where there is a need to pack products with sharp edges or points because the degree of film stretching can be precisely adjusted and easily corrected.