The annual PPMA Machinery Only Show is regarded as the premier UK event in the processing and packaging machinery sector. Taking place from 22-25 September 2003 at the UK's National Exhibition Centre near Birmingham, the show attracts a wide audience of machinery and processing equipment professionals from all market sectors. Details of some of the exhibits to be seen at this year's show are given in the following pages but a more comprehensive preview will be published in the September issue of Packaging Today International.

Advanced Labelling Systems
Stand 12310
Highlights will be the new Tray-Fix self-adhesive sleeve labelling system and the integration of SCADA software into print and apply systems.

Developed in partnership with the Field Group, Tray-Fix is a self-adhesive alternative to traditional board sleeves for chilled and ready meals. The compact ALS Tray-Fix labelling system applies the innovative lightweight cartonboard label automatically to the container’s film lid and sides.

This prevents any movement, eliminates the possibility of in-store swapping of sleeves and fall off in transit cost effectively.

The ALX 2038 print and apply labeller has an integrated Zebra PAX3 print engine, programmed with Zebra’s new SCADA integration software. Using the industry-standard OPC communication protocol, it can integrate seamlessly with any commercially available SCADA package on the market.

This brings together continuous communication between print and apply labelling equipment and other existing mission critical factory processes, with one central controller, by a graphically represented factory monitoring and processing system.
T 01844 213177

Aetna UK
Stand 11110
Rotary turntable ROTOPLAT semi auto pallet stretch wrappers with new operational features and the ‘cut and grip’ automatic film holding device, which has already become a popular labour saving feature, will be in the spotlight.

One of the new high-speed ROBOPAC pallet stretch wrappers will represent the fully automatic range and practical advice will be available for companies who are looking for improved line layout and systems information.

Also on show will be the WFG1200 – one of Weitek’s proven tubular bagging systems.
T +44 (0)1234 825050

Bradman Lake
Stand 10311
A cartoning machine that brings packaging robotics to users with lower production requirements will make top billing at the Bradman Lake stand.

The LJ Collator/Loader features the latest in motion control technology with servo drives, Smart Belt collation from random infeeds and robotic pick and place loading.

Designed for companies that do not need the 700 unit/min capability of the high speed LJ series, it is suited to handling output from medium speed flowrappers in either vacuum or mechanical product loading into cartons or trays.

At the show it will be linked to an XS2/60 carton erector and Compact 3 lugless carton closer running at speeds up to 120 cartons/min.
T +44 (0)117 9715228

Conveyor Systems
Stand 11200
CSL will showcase its developments in materials handling solutions. These include a new range of heavy duty pallet handling conveyors suitable for food quality applications in cold store rooms.

A range of powered roller conveyors for handling items such as cases and shrink-wrapped packs will demonstrate a new high speed pneumatically operated switch sorter. The system enables handling of products as small as 200mm square at speeds of 30 items/min, with bi-directional 45 degree sortation. Also on show will be CSL’s spiral conveyors.
T +44 (0)1283 552255

Stand 12141
Focus of attention will be centred squarely on the firm’s machine optimisation service, which uses a combination of software and support tools to deliver increased productivity and lower energy usage.

A new air preparation range, developed specifically for the needs of OEM machine builders, will also be highlighted. The MS air-preparation range includes solutions designed to meet ISO requirements for compressed air in the food processing industry.

The range allows rapid configuration and ordering of customised solutions, delivered fully assembled and tested as a single part. This is a dramatic cost and labour saving improvement on the conventional scenario of receiving boxes of parts that demand time, component knowledge and experience to assemble the required solution.
T +44 (0)1252 775000

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques
Stand 12034
Fraser Anti-Static Techniques will be giving visitors the first public glimpse of its new static eliminator the Ionstorm 3700. The Ionstorm 3700 Controller and 3800 Bar are aimed at the processing and packaging industries where long range performance is required.

Typical applications are on film winders and unwinders on packing lines, thermoforming, labelling and clean room environments. With Lonstorm, static can be neutralised from a distance of 250mm to over 1m from the object.
T +44 (0)1398 331114

GAME Engineering
Stand 12556
GAME Engineering has become an official partner for Hyundai robotic systems in the UK. One Hyundai system will form the focal point on this stand.

The robots are capable of handling various layouts [from single pallet systems to random buffer stock systems with multiple product, multiple pallet with moving robot systems].

Major features of Hyundai robots include user-friendly operation, compact design, dynamic motion control, short cycle time through high performance control, diverse application with various software functions and easy teaching and programming.
T +44 (0) 1522 868021

Harland Machine Systems
Stand 12545
Harland Machine Systems will be unveiling an advanced control system for its popular Sirius front and back labeller. The benefits of the new system are said to be increased labelling accuracy, operator interface and usability. Orders for the Applicator Gateway programme placed at the show will enjoy a 10% discount. Also on display will be Harland’s Comet and Proteus labelling systems.
T +44 (0)161 848 4800

Industrial Labelling Systems
Stand 12071
The new T-90 printer for up to A3 labels will be in the limelight. It offers thermal transfer or direct thermal, 100mm/sec print speed, windows based true type fonts and backing paper rewind as standard.

This compact model, which also has label back feed, is available in both right and left hand versions and offers easy side loading for labels and ribbons and easy system integration.
T (0) 1706 523 431

Linx Printing Technologies
Stand 11316
Linx Printing Technologies will be revealing its ability to print outside the box as it takes the opportunity to show off its first stake in the outer case coding market – the IJ600. The new printer is said to address a gap in the market for high performance printing at low cost ownership.

It will be shown alongside the Linx 6800 Spectrum, which will be featuring its new Ultima Plus print head. A range of products from the Xymark family of laser printers will also make an appearance.
T +44 (0)1480 302100

Lock Inspection Systems
Stand 12214
Lock Inspection Systems is showing its Compact Vertical Fall metal detector for the first time on its stand. The slimline addition to the MET 30+ range is 25% smaller than previous systems. Measuring 5in top to bottom, the Compact Waferthin is designed to address the space constraints encountered in the snack food and confectionery industries.

It can be slotted into high speed integrated packaging systems that incorporate multihead weighers feeding vertical form fill and seal bag makers. It will be joined by the MET 30+ triple frequency detector.
T +44 (0)161 624 0333

Mettler Toledo
Stand 12152
Mettler Toledo will be exhibiting a range of checkweighers, metal detection equipment and statistical quality control equipment including the new SQC16 system. The Garvens S-Series range of checkweighers takes centre stage with a selection of models.

New products from the company include the AccessCard for control and security; the LoginServer data protection tool and the PrintCard system for data transfer and ReAcT for easy data access.

Q.i, a recently launched material transfer control solution, will also be on show.
T +44 (0)116 235 7070

PFM Packaging Machinery
Stand 12226
Following the acquisition of MBP, PFM can now supply both weigher and vertical bagging machines.

Multihead weighers range from 8-head models up to 24-head machines that can be divided in to four segments for mixing different products precisely by weight.

Representing vffs will be a Vetta with an integral zipper option. From the firm’s flow wrapping machinery, a Falcon servo machine will be aimed specifically at the bakery industry and will include the latest design of adjustable folding box.

A Tornado LD will be aimed at the specialised MAP market where machinery needs to be able to maintain high speeds and guarantee gas flushing and 100% hermetic seals.
T +44 (0) 113 2393401

Propack Automation Machinery
Stand 10120
Propack Automation, distributor for Bergami Srl, will be introducing the Italian company to the UK audience. On show will be the Bergami overwrapping machine, model CX5, used by leading perfumery and cosmetics companies. By its side will be the AS70 horizontal cartoner designed to handle cartons for the tobacco, food and stationery industries.
T +44 (0)24 7647 0074

Quin Systems
Stand 11132
Centre of attention will be on Quin’s new space-saving, high-speed product handling system, R-Theta. This will show high speed pick and place at low cost.

Major changes to production lines are minimised due to its small footprint. Set-up for different products is also simple as the motion can be defined graphically with a touch screen display.

Also demonstrated will be innovative LinMot linear servo-motors, which will be running pick and place applications. Now available with Profibus and Devicenet interfaces, these motors are intrinsically free from mechanical play, gearing or belt wear and offer acceleration to 250m/s2, stroke range to 1460mm, peak force to 200N and repeatability to 0.01mm.

Visitors can also pick up free of charge a new software package CD for sizing linear motors. Linmot Designer allows machine builders to optimise their application, freeing them from extensive manual calculations and allowing different design options to be explored in depth. The latest software includes estimates of motor power dissipation.
T +44 (0) 118 977 1077

Sessions of York
Stand 12245
Making the headlines at the Sessions of York stand will be its compact hot foil printer. It is designed to fit most labelling systems and features an electronic foil feed.

The Catprint operates at 300 prints/min and can be programmed directly from Sessions’ Spectrum or Sequence labellers or through a handheld terminal.

The Sequence front and back labeller will also be on display, along with the RC30 applicator, the Basic wraparound applicator, the AP3.4,5.4 and 64.04 thermal transfer printers and the Case-Corner print and apply labeller.
T +44 (0)1904 659224

Sandiacre Rose Forgrove
Stand 10316
Visitors to the Sandiacre Rose Forgrove stand will be able to see the first demonstration of Südpack UK’s Ecovent pressure pack cooking system.

The servo-controlled Integra PC Flowpak flowrapper uses a combination of susceptor card, self-venting microwaveable film and controlled atmosphere to pack snack products.

The TG250-LD coffee packaging system comprising a custom built vertical bag maker, WEBB auger and Sandiacre’s pick and place valve applicator and feeder will also be debuted.

More vertical form fill and seal machinery will make up the collection.
T +44 (0)115 967 8787

Thermo Electron Corporation
Stand 12444
A number of new product offerings take pride of place on the Thermo Electron Corporation stand. Visitors will be offered the first viewing of the Ramsey AC9 GP ultra hygienic checkweigher.

It will be demonstrated as part of a new generation, combined AC9 GP checkweigher and metal detector system.

The company’s established Allen marking and coding system will also be present sporting a new laser-coding unit.
T +44 (0)870 609 0203