The Flexi-Hex system is biodegradable, plastic-free and is made from recycled materials


Image: Macfarlane launches plastic-free packaging protection system for wine bottles. Photo: Courtesy of Macfarlane Group UK Ltd.

UK’s protective packaging company Macfarlane Packaging has launched a 100% plastic-free packaging system called ‘Flexi-Hex’ to help retailers to send wine bottles through the post, safely and in an environmentally friendly.

The Flexi-Hex system is biodegradable and plastic-free and is made from recycled materials. The design includes a concertina-style honeycomb sleeve protector, which expands to form an impact-resistant layer around bottles.

The new pack from Macfarlane features a self-sealing pinch top postal box

For the convenience of eCommerce businesses, the pack features a self-sealing pinch top postal box, which provides further protection by suspending the contents, preventing movement during transit.

It can be used as gift packaging and can also be branded to maximise brand impact.

Macfarlane Packaging marketing director Laurel Granville said: “Our customers expect packaging to not only protect their products but also to be environmentally friendly.

“Flexi-Hex is a brilliant solution as it is not only 100% plastic free – even the adhesive is water-based – but it’s kerbside recyclable too. It is a perfect alternative to the popular polystyrene bottle packs as it protects from damage but is also easy to store and assemble.”

Earlier this month, the company announced the acquisition of Leyland Packaging (Lancs) for a consideration of £3.25m, including an earn-out of £1m.

The purchase is in line with the company’s strategy of building the business through organic and acquisitive growth.

The £2.25m consists of £2m in cash, and as part of the consideration, the vendors will receive 264,382 ordinary shares of 25p each in Macfarlane at a value of £0.25m.

The issue price represents the average share price in the five days prior to acquisition.

The deferred consideration of up to £1m will be payable in cash in the fourth quarter of 2020 subject to certain trading targets being met in the 12-month period ending 31 August 2020.

Leyland generated sales of £4.06m and pre-tax profits of £0.55m in the year ended 31 December 2018.

All 12 employees of Leyland will be retained following the acquisition.