Macfarlane Packaging has developed a new solution powered by the latest augmented reality (AR) technology for protective packaging to add interactivity to brands.


Image: Macfarlane Packaging brings augmented reality to protective packaging. Photo: courtesy of Macfarlane Group UK Ltd

The UK-based Macfarlane Packaging believes that the augmented reality solution will help end users engage with product packaging.

By delivering content like video, audio, graphics or animation over real world objects, augmented reality enhances customer experience and boosts their engagement, said the protective packaging supplier.

The company’s customers can now avail the opportunity to deploy the new augmented reality solution for their protective packaging to attract their customers with exclusive content or promotions.

Furthermore, they can also use the innovative technology to overlay product information, including instruction manuals and tutorials and also take up social media campaigns.

Macfarlane Packaging director Donna Lynch said: “We are very excited about working with our customers to showcase how augmented reality on their protective packaging can bring their brand to life. The technology exists now and offers lots of opportunities for brand owners to get creative and engage their customers.

“Our team of packaging experts continually seek out smart solutions for our customers and with AR technology we can now open a whole world of possibilities.”

The company claims itself to be among the largest distributors of protective packaging products and services in the UK. It is said to cater to more than 20,000 businesses across the UK.

Operating via a network of regional distribution centers, Macfarlane Packaging has a customer service, procurement, logistics and sales team at each of them to support its customers. Each of its warehouses is said to contain a variety of packaging products, to be called off as required and dispatched in one of the company’s delivery vehicles.

Macfarlane Packaging’s distribution centers have access to products from 650 packaging manufacturers from across the globe.

Earlier this year, Macfarlane Packaging broadened its automated packaging options for its customers by partnering with certain automation providers like CMC, B+, e3 Neo, Linkx Packaging Systems and Neopost.

The company said that based on products and requirements, its customers can now select from various options, from auto bagging and auto boxing to air cushioning and stretch wrapping solutions.