Carters supplies protective packaging products to its customers in the South-West of England


Macfarlane Group has acquired Carters Packaging. (Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

Macfarlane Group UK, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Macfarlane Group, has acquired Carters Packaging (Cornwall) in a deal valued at around £4.5m.

Carters Packaging (Cornwall) is the owner of Carters Packaging Limited.

Based in Redruth, Carters supplies protective packaging products to the customers in the South-West of England.

With the main focus on customers within Cornwall and Devon, Carters manages 25,000ft² facility in Redruth.

Carters offers industrial packaging products, retail packaging products, food packaging products, horticultural packaging solutions, as well as postal packaging solutions.

Carters has a team of 25 employees, including two directors. All of them will continue with the business following the acquisition.

The deal also allows customers of Carters to access Macfarlane’s extended range of protective packaging products and services.

Macfarlane said that the acquisition is in line with the company’s declared strategy of building its business through a combination of organic and acquisitive growth.

Macfarlane chief executive Peter Atkinson said: “Carters is a well-run, successful protective packaging distributor that meets our strict acquisition criteria and its acquisition will be earnings-enhancing in its first full year in the Group.

“I am confident that the business will prove to be an excellent acquisition improving our geographic penetration and extending our customer reach in the South West of England.”

Last month, Macfarlane Group UK acquired protective packaging company GWP Holdings for a cash consideration of £15.1m.

Macfarlane, which is based in Glasgow of Scotland, manages two divisions to serve a range of business customers.