Armagrip is a protective packaging distribution business that serves the industrial sector


Macfarlane Group has acquired protective packaging solutions provider Armagrip. (Credit: Adam Radosavljevic from Pixabay)

UK-based protective packaging distributor Macfarlane Group has acquired Teesside-based Armagrip for an undisclosed sum.

Armagrip, a protective packaging distribution business, serves customers in the industrials sector across the North of England.

Macfarlane acquired the inventory and goodwill of Armagrip

The deal included the acquisition of inventory and goodwill of the business. Armagrip’s employees will join Macfarlane, as part of the deal.

Armagrip has product packaging, protection and pallet wrapping system experts, which will help provide a suitable solution as per the customer’s requirements.

Armagrip supplies pallet wrapping machines that can be used in warehouses with a high volume of pallets being stored or leaving the warehouse for transit.

Its PrecisionrapXL is a handheld pallet wrapping system, which delivers the performance of expensive automated pallet wrap machines.

The company’s customers comprise of major motor manufacturers, engineering companies, the medical device industry, glass processors, industrial finishing and distribution companies.

With an operating base in Chilton of Durham, the company reported sales revenue of around £1.6m in 2019.

Macfarlane chief executive Peter Atkinson said: “Armagrip is a successful, profitable business with a loyal customer base and an experienced team of people. I am confident that this acquisition will further strengthen Macfarlane’s business in the North of England.”

Based in Glasgow of Scotland, Macfarlane Group has businesses, including Macfarlane Packaging that distributes a range of protective packaging products in the UK.

Macfarlane Packaging Design and Manufacture designs and produces protective packaging for high value and fragile products, while Macfarlane Labels offers self-adhesive and resealable labels for FMCG companies.

In September 2019, Macfarlane Group acquired protective packaging distributor Leyland Packaging Company (Lancs) for a maximum consideration of £3.25m.

Leyland Packaging’s product portfolio is made up of protective packaging solutions, cardboard boxes and containers, packaging tapes and accessories, strapping and stapling, stretch film products and accessories.