The sustainable packaging solution, dubbed Hempcelium, is produced using hemp agri-waste and mushroom mycelium


Hempcelium packaging solution for single and multiple bottles. (Credit: ACCESSWIRE / Wuhan General Group, Inc. / M2Bio Sciences, Inc.)

Wuhan General Group, doing business as M2Bio Sciences, has rolled out sustainable packaging for its Liviana extra virgin olive oil brand.

The company has decided to pilot and implement the sustainable packaging solution called Hempcelium for Liviana.

Customised to fit extra virgin olive oil glass bottles, the Hempcelium transport packaging foam is produced using hemp agri-waste and mushroom mycelium.

Hempcelium packaging structure, which is completely organic, can be grown into almost any shape, thereby making it a better solution than styrofoam or polystyrene.

M2Bio Sciences said that Hempcelium is not produced with chemical compounds that need large amounts of energy to synthesise, keeping the carbon footprint very low and avoiding the emission of industrial chemical byproducts that can damage the environment.

Ready for the South African market, the Hempcelium composite is developed by the company’s engineers at the M2Bio Sustainability Labs last year.

M2Bio is currently involved in receiving all required legal and copyrights related to the trademark name Hempcelium.

The company’s intellectual property and trademark legal team is expected to complete the process in the first quarter of this year.

M2Bio Sciences CEO Jeff Robinson said: “When you get the product with the packaging you are able to crumble up the Hempcelium foam into your garden bed or soil to decompose and support the health of your vegetation.

“Hempcelium serves an important function in the decomposition of organic matter in the soil. Research has demonstrated that it acts as a filter, removing groundwater contaminants and pollutants.”

M2Bio is also engaged in the development of various packaging solutions for its other product lines and brands, including Medspresso and Dr. AnnaRx, which are expected to be released this year.