LIMEX has 50% or more inorganic material such as calcium carbonate that reduces more greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to petroleum-based plastics


LIMEX Pellet is a material mainly made from limestone. (Credit: PR Newswire/ TBM Co., Ltd.)

French luxury goods company LVMH has adopted LIMEX Pellet (injection moulding grade) of Japanese firm TBM for skincare packaging launched under LVMH’s brand, KENDO’s OLEHENRIKSEN.

LIMEX Pellet, a material mainly made from limestone, is said to be the first-to-market packaging and shows the commitment of LVMH, KENDO, and OLEHENRIKSEN to increased sustainability.

TBM said that the LIMEX Pellet is part of its efforts to switch the main packaging components from OLEHENRIKSEN to more environmentally friendly materials, including glass, bio-resin, and PCR.

According to the LIMEX maker, the brand’s secondary packaging is recyclable and features FSC-certified cardboard.

The launch of LIMEX as the new packaging material helps create a new standard for sustainability in the cosmetics sector and beyond, TBM claimed.

LIMEX, which contains 50% or more inorganic material like calcium carbonate, is claimed to lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to polymers made from petroleum.

It is a practical substitute for the ABS and PP resin often used in cosmetic components and can be produced using the current plastic moulding equipment, TBM added.

Additionally, the LIMEX items can be recycled in the same manner as goods made of a single material.

The cosmetic packaging manufactured by LIMEX offers a rich matte texture and a substantial feel in addition to being sustainable, the Japanese firm said.

The LIMEX Pellet can be used to make different types of cosmetic containers like lipsticks and jars without the need for any additional machinery.

In January this year, LVMH’s division LVMH Beauty partnered with US-based chemical firm Dow to advance the use of sustainable packaging across its perfume and cosmetic product portfolio.

The partnership intends to integrate bio-based and circular plastics in different cosmetics products of LVMH Beauty while maintaining the same package quality or functionality.