“One hears a lot of complaining in the printing industry at the moment which is, just like other industries, affected by the economic downturn,” MAN Roland chairman Gerd Finkbeiner said recently. “But this is no reason to give up. If one takes a closer look at the market, it’s apparent that it still has enormous growth potential.

“Listen to the customers and respond to their needs – this is a must not only for printing and media companies but also for press manufacturers. Only when print and media companies are doing well can the press manufacturers also do well.

“We place great importance on dialogue with the customers, the exchange of information ….. and being able to provide the products and services they need from a local source is what creates real competitive advantages.

“But you won’t be able to do this alone; you need strategic partnerships. Forming regional alliances with companies that are competent in their particular fields, and whose products and/or services form a harmonious blend with yours, will lift you above the competition.”