Through collaborations with Yves Béhar and fuseproject, LiquiGlide is launching innovative new packages


LiquiGlide Unveils Transformative Zero-Waste Packaging for Health and Beauty Industry. (Credit: ARTEM DA PICTURES from Pixabay)

LiquiGlide, the inventors of a breakthrough technology that is revolutionizing products, packaging, processes, and patient experiences by eliminating the friction between solids and liquids, has announced the launch of zero-waste packaging for the health and beauty industry.

Designed with leading industrial designer, Yves Béhar, and his firm, fuseproject, these first EveryDrop™ packages mark the arrival of a new paradigm for sustainability and consumer experience.

The new EveryDrop™ packaging is made possible by LiquiGlide’s breakthrough coating technology that eliminates friction between the inside of the package and the product and for the first time allows products to flow freely and completely out of the container, establishing new standards for sustainability and consumer experience. Combined with LiquiGlide’s frictionless technology, the new, translucent packages allow consumers to see how much product is left and get virtually every drop of the product, which makes the package more recyclable. And by eliminating material waste, the packages further reduce the carbon footprint associated with consumer-packaged goods.

“The first EveryDrop packages are ready for commercialization with creams, lotions, gels, and  conditioners. We are thrilled to make them available to global brands and indie brands alike.” said Damien Dossin, EVP & GM, CPG at LiquiGlide. “Beauty is a highly competitive space, and new product launches struggle to gain traction, let alone establish brand loyalty. Consumer research shows that consumers are far more likely to try, and continue to buy a product that is launched in EveryDrop packaging because of its unique aesthetics and practical benefits. LiquiGlide offers powerful tools for generating excitement for product launches and building loyalty with existing product lines.”

LiquiGlide is building on the success of its partnership with Colgate. The launch of the Colgate Elixir sub-brand showcased the opportunity to re-invent packaging for a product category. The sleek, transparent PET bottles advance sustainability beyond what was previously possible for toothpaste, enabling a fully recyclable package that eliminates product waste and earning the Ameristar awards for both “Best of Show” and “Design Excellence” from the Institute of Packaging Professionals.

“We believe that LiquiGlide’s technology offers clear advantages over anything else in the market and will eventually become ubiquitous. For example, creams and gels that are typically constrained to cumbersome and unsanitary jars can now be sold in delightful, hygienic, and sustainable EveryDrop packaging. We were excited to collaborate with Yves Béhar and fuseproject to take this important step toward realizing that vision,” said Dave Smith, CEO & Co-Founder of LiquiGlide.

According to Béhar, LiquiGlide’s breakthrough technology has the power to scale and make a significant difference from a sustainability standpoint. “When combined with design innovation, the LiquiGlide technology is an opportunity to completely transform primary packaging and to finally bring about a cyclical system of “zero waste”—from product design to disposal—to drive responsible consumption.”

“Recycling is almost impossible when a product is left behind. In some cases, a significant amount of water is needed to clean the packages. But the reality is that many products we believe we are recycling end up in the landfill,” said Kripa Varanasi, an MIT Professor and co-founder of LiquiGlide. “Beyond the superior user experience and zero waste, LiquiGlide technology can reduce carbon and water footprint for beauty packaging as it eliminates product waste, allows for the ability to concentrate products, eliminates the need for secondary packaging, enables smaller packaging sizes, and reduces transportation emissions.”

Source: Company Press Release